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We offer holistic therapy, seminar, meditation and retreats in our institute in a quiet area, just one hour drive from Munich.
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…The ultimate flowering of human consciousness ….

Bhihhku Sanghasena, Mahaboddhi Centrum


Why should we learn and practice meditation? What are the benefits of mediation?

Meditation is not a set of religious beliefs, nor a set of ritualistic practices. Meditation is a scientific technique which can purify the human mind. It is a pure science focussed on the human consciousness.

The enormous benefits of meditation might well be summarised in the following three stages:

1. Immediate physical and psychological relaxation and a sense of well-being, clarity and stillness of mind.

2. Discovering the source of lasting happiness and practical solution to daily problems, learning the art of living and thereby enjoying happiness, peace and harmony despite the turmoil of the external world.

3. Dissolving all forms of desire; destroying the samsara chakra- the wheel of birth, death and rebirth; thereby transforming the finite, self-centred and small ego into the infinite, supreme ad universal truth of Nirvana.

As far as material progress is concerned, human beings have accomplished the unimaginable. We have climbed the world’s highest mountain, landed on the moon and, descended to the depths of the oceans. We have invented computers and robots to work for human comfort. We have developed medical science to transplant almost all the major organs of the physical body.

But alas! As far as spiritual development is concerned, man has become like a house life’s that the lamp of which has been snuffed out on a dark night. Man has forgotten the goal of his journey. He has neglected his inner spiritual world. He has become like a rudderless boat on the vast turbulent ocean.

Through meditation, the lamp that has been extinguished can be rekindled. Through meditation, the objective of his passage through this life can be redeemed.

"May the darkness of ignorance be expelled from the cave of Human hearts!"

"May the light of meditation shine from the cave of Human hearts!"